Mixed media beach and ocean acrylic paintings, abstract alcohol inks, custom glass mosaics and handmade jewelry.

Please enjoy my website. All my artwork is original. 

Please contact me if interested in any of my work at Tina0618.ts@gmail.com

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Mixed Media acrylic paintngs and handmade fluid art jewelry.

I have been creating in one way or another for most of my life. I started painting and drawing as a child, but other than High school art classes I am self taught. As an adult, I decided to start sharing my artwork and began using a new technique, called acrylic pouring or fluid painting as well as alcohol ink abstracts.  I have also started a line of jewelry or wearable art. Each piece is unique and made from the acrylic paint drippings....check it out!  


Tina Sacco-Roche 

Mixed media artist

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Mixed media artwork includes abstract acrylic and alcohol inks

All my artwork is one of a kind so if interested in anything please contact me directly at Tina0618.ts@gmail.com
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